WES Reopening Update August 21, 2020

WES Reopening Update August 21, 2020
Posted on 08/21/2020
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Whitefield School Reopening Update
From Mr. Cronin, WES Principal
August 21, 2020
Good Afternoon Whitefield School,

Over the past week we have continued to develop the protocols and details to restart instruction both in the building and online. Our building leadership team has drafted a daily screening and entry process that includes a rerouting of traffic on campus and getting breakfast in the hands of students. The same has been done for departure. These plans will be uploaded to the building’s website next week for you to familiarize yourself prior to the opening. The staff is generating a number of recess activities that will keep our students physically active, socially interactive and safe. We have developed plans for the delivery of Unified Arts and instructional leaders are developing the training for improving online and COVID mitigated instructional practices. Instructional choice survey responses are due by 6:00 pm this evening and we are close to a complete data set for the building.