WES Kindergarten & First Grade Orientation

WES Kindergarten & First Grade Orientation
Posted on 09/13/2020
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Good Evening,
This is Mike Cronin, Principal of Whitefield School with a message for our kindergarten and first grade hybrid model parents.

Tomorrow morning, Monday, September 14th will be the in-building orientation day for hybrid model kindergarten and first graders.  We are excited to finally have students back in the building.   All students should be screened by an adult at home prior to heading out in the morning. 
All students should bring their Chromebook and charger in a backpack, along with a water bottle, snack and lunch if they are not ordering lunch at school. No other materials other than a change of clothes if necessary should be brought to school. 
Families with students riding buses should refer to the bus route schedule listed on the district’s Back to School section.  These bus students will also be screened when they arrive at school.  Students who are being transported by car should arrive at school no earlier than 7:20 am. 
Please be sure you have reviewed the new traffic pattern prior to arriving on campus.  There is no parking on campus during the morning arrival.  Students being transported by car will be screened at the vehicle before the driver departs. 
All students are eligible to pick up breakfast on their way to their classroom.  Staff will be available to help direct students to their classroom.

During the day, students will remain in their class cohorts, and will be taking mask breaks throughout the day.  Lunch will take place in the classroom and two recess times are scheduled.  Please be sure your child has their mask ready for the day.

At the end of the day, families picking up students by car should arrive no earlier than 2:30pm by 3:00 pm at the latest.  There is no parking on campus during the afternoon dismissal.  Please be sure you have placed a placard with your child’s first and last name in your windshield so that staff at the top of the driveway can radio in your arrival.  Follow the traffic pattern to the front entrance and your child will meet your car there.  Bus students will begin boarding their buses at 3:00 pm.

Kindergarten and first grade students will be back to start their regular weekly schedule on Monday the 21st.

We will be observing how the district and building plans unfold throughout next week’s grade level orientation days and make adjustments necessary to maintain safety and a smooth day.  We know that the first few days will reveal mistakes, oversights and maybe some overplanning.  We appreciate your patience and support through this period.  Have a good evening and we look forward to seeing students in the morning.