WES Update - 10-2-2020

WES Update - 10-2-2020
Posted on 10/02/2020
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Good Afternoon WES families. 

We have successfully completed two weeks in the building and remotely.  Overall, the system that we designed at the district and building level is working as planned.  We continue to adjust a few things, but overall I think we should be proud of what we, as a community, have accomplished.  The work that you as families have done to get students ready, adjust to the learning environments and patiently work with us through the opening days is much appreciated; thank you.  We still have some issues with recording attendance during remote sessions and how our technology and practices are handling that world.  Please continue to be patient with us as we sort through those.  The layers of protection and community support with testing are allowing us to start to build some fluency with the daily schedule and will lead to more academic instructional opportunities.

A few reminders:  Please remember that drop off is no earlier than 7:20 am and that drivers should not leave until students are screened.  This is one of those layers of protection that we must stay vigilant with.  Likewise, please do not arrive on campus before 2:30 pm and park in front of the school awaiting dismissal.  That lane continues to be a fire lane and that congestion could result in our protocol being frowned upon.  That would set longer term building and grounds plans back.  There’s no need to be the first one here and things move quite smoothly after 2:45 pm.  Remember that attendance at scheduled remote sessions is required, not optional and absences will be recorded.  For both in-building and remote families, if your child is not going to be present for their session, please call the school in the morning to report their absence.  We will continue to reach out to both in-building and remote families when a student is marked absent from morning advisory.  

Remember that school is not in session on Friday, October ninth or Monday October 12th.  Annual for updates should have been completed by this date and we really need to have your free and reduced lunch applications completed.  This will help our federal grant allocations in the future.  Lastly, please continue to reach out with questions.  This is new and complex for all of us; we’ll continue to navigate it together.