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WES Remodel Update - February 15, 2019
WES Front Entrance/Office Remodel Update - February 15, 2019
The completion of the Front Entrance/Office of the Whitefield School is near completion. As the week came to a close the dumpster that has been located at the front entrance has been removed and the tool trailer has moved on to its next job. Cabinetry and counters have been installed, the flooring in the vestibule has been laid and final electrical, phone, IT and HVAC has been installed and tested. Mrs. Plumley and Mr. Cronin have begun moving their offices back into the space. During the upcoming February vacation the main office will be set up and ready for use once students return in March.
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WMRSD The District Dialogue - Issue 3
Happy New Year to All, January has been very busy for the WMRSD Board, as they recently presented the FY’20 proposed budget at the January 10, 2019 budget hearing. The Deliberative Session is Monday, February 4, 2019 at the White Mountains Regional High School.
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The Whitefield School Remodel Update – Week Three
Week three of the remodel is in the books. This week we have seen the interior walls of the office go up, priming of those walls and some relocation of HVAC equipment. We have chosen colors for counter tops, cabinets, and flooring. During the week of January 14th rough in of electrical and IT will be happening. We will be meeting with the cabinet maker to finalize the design and location of counters and cabinets.
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Whitefield Elementary School Front Entrance and Office Renovation
As 2018 comes to a close and we celebrate the New Year, crews from Kingdom Construction will begin a renovation project at the Whitefield Elementary School. White Mountains Regional School District Board approved to enter into a contract with Kingdom Construction, from Newport Vermont, at the November 19, 2018 School Board meeting.