The Whitefield Players Presented “Cinderella and the Substitute Fairy Godmother”

Eileen Armstrong
The Whitefield School

For Immediate Distribution: June 9, 2022

The Whitefield Players Presented “Cinderella and the Substitute Fairy Godmother”
White Mountains Regional School District

Whitefield, NH: The lights shone brightly over the Whitefield School stage for the first time in two years as the school’s drama club presented “Cinderella and the Substitute Fairy Godmother” on Friday, June 3rd and Saturday, June 4th. 

Over the course of an hour, students helped tell the story of Cinderella, a poor and despondent girl in need of help. The play was set on the night of the royal ball and Cinderella must get to the palace if she is ever to meet her one true love, Prince Charmfull. When she calls for her Fairy Godmother, it turns out that some bad potato salad has given all the Fairy Godmothers food poisoning, and Cinderella is stuck with a substitute. Enter Lucretia Fossilwart, scented candle saleswoman and Substitute Fairy Godmother. Plagued by a severe lack of knowledge and an old spellbook, Lucretia is unable to turn a pumpkin into a coach, produce three coachman, make a beautiful ball gown, create glass slippers, or even get Cinderella to the ball on time. In the end, a slew of fairytale creatures appear and somehow, Cinderella (without Lucretia’s help) is able to find the prince, go to the ball, and get married after all. 

Nearly 20 students took to the stage to make the production a reality as they delighted audiences with laughter and smiles. The drama club is typically made up of students from grade 4-8, who spend much of the year learning about theater before rehearsing for a show. The Whitefield School drama club is advised by teachers Jennie Dynan and Stephanie Cameron. 


Cinderella: Isabelle Antonucci, Prince Charmfull: Harper Brooks, Ensemble: Clark Jellison (Royal Messenger & Chet Knockwurst) and Makenna Paul (Boss of the Fairy Godmothers & Charmfull's No. 1 Fan), Fabio (Evil Step-brother): Everett Merrill, Alberta (Evil Step-sister): Simone Egli, Fabreeze (Evil Step-mother): Aurora Haines, Merwin (Big Bad Wolf): Clark Merrill

Wasabi (3 Pigs): Matilda Cameron, Wembly (3 Pigs): Ava Donovan (Also played Esperanto, the original Fairy Godmother), Maurice (3 Pigs): Carrington Tetreault, Pinocchio: Rain Rouleau (Also played Hortense, the Fairy Godmother Dispatcher), Rumplestiltskin: Piper Lang-Knight 

Queen Shania: Elizabeth Mooney, King Vladimir: Milo Starbird

 Photo 1: Full Cast - Back Row L to R Isabelle Antonucci, Elizabeth Mooney, Auroa Haines, Piper Lang-Knight,Everett Merrill, Makenna Paul, Simone Egli, Harper Brooks, Milo Startbird. Front Row L to R Rain Rouleau, Matilda Cameron, Ava Donovan, Carrington Tetreault, Clark Jellison

 Photo 2: Back Row Clark Merrill, Front Row L to R - Matilda Cameron, Ava Donovan, Carrington Tetreault

 Photo 3: L to R Elizabeth Mooney, Harper Brooks, Milo Starbird

 Photo 4: L to R Isabelle Antonucci  and Harper Brooks

 Photo 5: L to REverett Merrill, Simone Egli, Isabelle Antonucci, Auroa Haines

 Photo 6: L to R Clark Jellison, Makenna Paul

 Photo 7: L to R Rain Rouleau, Piper Lang-Knight